Rant: Pinterest Does Not Care About What Interests You!

August 20th, 2014

I so rarely write posts like this, but I need to vent …

I love to use Pinterest to save images of things that I am interested in – Jeeps, motorcycles, guitars, welding, and of course U2.

There are also lots of things I’m not interested in such as pink heels, wedding gowns and lace panties.

So, to avoid Pinterest’s annoying “related pin” debacle, I have been using the “follow” feed to view pins on the specific boards I am interested in … until today.

Apparently Pinterest doesn’t like the fact that I’m not interested in pink heels, wedding gowns and lace panties. Today, they decided to remove the “follow” feed.

This is the message I see when I try to view the “follow” feed …

The following feed isn’t available anymore. But fear not! You can find all the stuff you follow here on your home feed, mixed in with a few related Pins. Tip: Only want to see stuff you’re following? Click the (i) and down-vote any related Pin, and they’re gone.

Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 3.05.27 PM

Seriously Pinterest? You drop the “follow” feed and FORCE your users to look at stuff we don’t care about? To make matters worse, you force us to to click “down-vote” on every freakin’ image that we would could care less about? That is the most ridiculous idea. That could translate to hundreds of clicks. You really need to hire a team that understands usability and user experience!

It would not be so bad if the related pin “feature” worked and only showed my interests. However it does not. As I scroll, mixed in with the Jeeps, bobbers and melting metal are hundreds of images of floral decor, bedazzled fingernails, body piercings and so much more that is of no interest to me. And the only way to remove them is to down-vote each individual picture.

It’s official folks … Pinterest does not really care about your personal interests!

If this bothers you at all, please bombard Pinterest with complaint emails. Use this link to contact them.

Rant over … back to blogging about U2 and UZoo.


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