Next U2 Record… 2013 or 2014?

August 26th, 2013

There is some speculation on Twitter that the next U2 record may not be released until 2014; possibly because of the roster of artists releasing records in the fall. Here are my thoughts on this matter…

At this point we pretty much have a clue that the next U2 record’s in the can. If that’s true, then it’s my opinion that tour plans will have a much bigger impact on the release date than the release dates of other artists. Consider this…

The U2 crew started working on the 360 tour at least two years before it was realized. Even if the next tour is much simpler your still looking at a years worth of work.

If U2 really did have a fall release date in mind, then they’ve already started tour planing and booking venues. You can’t do these things last minute. And last minute would be 4-6 months out.

If they have started tour planning (production – lighting, stage and sound system designs, venue scheduling, merchandising, rehearsing, TV and radio promo appearance dates, hotel reservations for an entire crew, crew training, trucks, buses and so much more) they will not reschedule an entire tour because of the fall release line-up.

Considering a tour must be on the heals of a new release, if U2 is planning a summer 2014 tour then no, I would not expect a record release this fall. If they’re planning an early spring tour then I’m counting on a fall release, a tour announcement within a month or so of the release and ticket sales starting soon after.

This is all personal opinion and speculation that is based on my experiences in the music business.

Concerning the other artists… The kids spending coin on Miley probably don’t give a rip about U2.

The biggest concerns may be Gaga, Perry, Timberlake and possibly Eminem. I’d be curious to see how U2 sales compare to anyone of them.

Arcade Fire and Pearl Jam – great bands and probably more U2 fans in this camp. Would those records stop U2 fans from buying their next release? I would hope not.

What do you think? 2013 or 2014 for the next U2 record?

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