The U2 Album and Tour Debacle

March 18th, 2014

The U2 album and tour debacle is getting out of control!

Is U2 splitting up?
Is the next tour their last?
Are U2 irrelevant?
Will Bono do a solo album?

I am so done with the drama and hearing the same questions being asked repeatedly. Anyone there with me?

Here’s my initial, impatient response to these questions:

Is U2 splitting up?
Yes, some day. We’ll deal with it when it happens.

Is the next tour their last?
Could be, maybe not. We’ll know when they decide to tell us. In the meantime, please let’s stop beating this dead horse!

Are U2 irrelevant?
Seriously? We’re still asking this question three years after a tour that smashed all ticket sales and attendance records. When only 1,000 people show up to a U2 concert, maybe then U2 should re-evaluate the bands options.

Will Bono do a solo album?
That could be pretty cool, something different. But please take a minute and recall a band called Passengers. How’d that one work out?

If I sound frustrated it’s because I am – with the press, with U2 and with U2’s new management. But more so with U2 and it’s new management. I don’t expect much from the press, they’re doing what they are getting paid to do.

This has turned into a marketing debacle that is making the heads of U2 fans spin! And it can all be quashed with a simple, truthful public statement on the bands website.

Before you judge me and my attitude towards U2, you must know I am a huge fan. That’s why I am in a U2 tribute band.

If someone wants to question my love for the band and their music consider this – I have spent countless hours learning the details of every guitar part in over 50 U2 songs over the past six years; Spent thousands of dollars on gear to replicate the sounds of The Edge; Travelled thousands of miles to play these songs; Played many shows in the early years of our band where we made little or no money. The amount of effort just to get shows booked alone is extraordinary. And all for the love of the songs and for playing for true U2 fans. It is a ton of work, but it’s worth the effort!

Also consider, if anyone had an opportunity to gain from the break up of U2 it would be the sea of U2 tribute bands out there. Business would, at some point, increase as fans begin to accept the realization that, with U2 gone, tribute bands would be the only option left to hear the great songs of U2 live.

I need to calmly update my answers to previous four questions:

Is U2 splitting up?
I hope not! I think they have tons of music left in them. And I’m happy to wait for a new album. Take your time guys. Be happy with the results. Some will be disappointed, it’s inevitable. But your true fans (and there are millions of us) will eat it up!

Is the next tour their last?
This will always be a possibility. After 38 years could anyone really blame them? But, I doubt it. This is where they shine. Maybe over time they will reduce the number of shows on each tour leg, but I believe they love playing for their fans.

If I had the right to offer them any advice it would this – Simplify your shows, just the band, the fans and the music. You’ve proven over and over that your the greatest rock band on the planet. Think back on the early days and enjoy the time you have left with each other, with your music and with your fans.

Are U2 irrelevant?
To Bono and the boys I say “Stop asking this question!” You will always be relevant in the lives of your fans and in your respective philanthropic endeavors. Enjoy the fruits of your success and keep making music because you love it. And when you stop loving it, call it!

Will Bono do a solo album?
Please do! A great mind with a great voice and great talent will produce a great product. Will it be a huge pop success? Who cares. If Bono wants to do it and the record company is behind him, go for it. Even if it’s a flop that will be a blip in time.

Consider this, Bono wrote the screenplay for Million Dollar Hotel. It starred Mel Gibson who said it was “as boring as a dog’s ass.” The public agreed with $59,989 in ticket sales – OUCH!

In the long run, what affect has this had on Bono and his career? Nothing. It was a blip!

So I conclude with a message to four lads in U2 (as if they might read it) …

Please, give us an official updated on your website. We’re cool with waiting. Just say it and leave it at that. And when the next album and tour is announced we will celebrate with you!


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