Dallas Schoo on the new U2 Album

June 18th, 2014

On June 18, 2014 The Edge’s guitar tech, Dallas Schoo spoke on U2Valencia.com’s “Vertigo Radio” in London about the new U2 album.

Schoo: Hello Spanish fans of Dallas! Ah, just kidding, of U2!
U2V: And of Dallas too!
Schoo: We’re making a great recording. It’s the best record, it’s the best.
U2V: You always say the same, no? It’s possible that the record is —
Schoo: But this is a very, VERY, good record. Yeah, there’s a little difference you know? Yeah, you’re gonna like this record. Many hits.
U2V: Yeah?
Schoo: Many hits. Lotta Edge guitar. It’s so good. I have to go now.
U2V: OK.
Schoo: ¡Adiós!
U2V: ¡Gracias amigo! See you in Spain in a year!
Schoo: I’ll see you in Spain!

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