U2 – Ordinary Love Remix (Paul Epworth Version)

December 16th, 2013

U2 has posted an Ordinary Love (Paul Epworth) remix.

Bono said in a statement on Soundcloud that “We think Paul Epworth’s mix is a very soulful, uplifting one and we hope our audience will agree.”

Soulful and uplifting, well said Bono!

It’s amazing how a “good” remix can breath new life into a song. As soon as I heard this remix I was thrilled with the songs energy. It has become uplifting like so many other U2 songs.

ordinary-love-coverTo some degree I liked Ordinary Love when it was first released, however I was not overly impressed. I was grateful to be listening to new U2 material. And just like the U2 album No Line On The Horizon, Ordinary Love had started to grow on me.

Yet, it wasn’t until I read Bono’s comment and heard this remix that finally understood why I thought Ordinary Love was not just ordinary, but also frustrating.

Many years ago as a young musician, a friend who is a talented songwriter taught me about reciprocity. In social psychology, reciprocity refers to responding to a positive action with another positive action.

The concept of reciprocity in music is important. The emotion in the music has to match the emotion that the lyrics express. Otherwise the hearer experiences an emotional roller coaster of sorts – one in which they may not understand or be able to express why the song they are listening to frustrates them.

That’s what was happening to me. Now I get it. Now I hear it. The chorus in this song is meant to be inspirational – a rallying cry of sorts. And this remix brings those words and that emotion to life in a way the original recording did not.

Ordinary Love has become inspiring song that can be listened to over and over. I hope this is new U2 song will frequent the airwaves.

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